A Virtual Assistant Sound Expensive?

When you look at it as a whole the cost can blow your mind, but let me see if I can break it down a bit so that it makes more sense.  The first thing to consider when approaching the idea of a virtual assistant is how much do YOU charge for YOUR services?  For instance, perhaps you are a consultant and you charge $160 per hour.   This is your love.   This is your passion.  THIS is where you want to spend your time and energy.  However in order to “get yourself out there” you need to be active on Social Media.  You need to have printed flyers in prominent places and you need a cohesive brand to tie it all together.  Sure…you can do that.  I have no doubt that you can probably do a pretty good job of it as well, but at what cost?  Maybe this takes you 3 or 4 hours per week.  That is 4 hours x $160 for a grand total of $640 and for a month that is about $2,774!  Not only is this taking away from time that you could be putting towards your passion, it is taking you a LOT of time to do it, so 4 hours is probably a low end estimate.  A virtual assistant that is trained and experienced can give you back your time and essentially your money.  During the CoronaVirus crisis we have all had to adjust our sails and find new ways to carry on with business.  Many have moved their offices home, many have cut back employees and unfortunately many have closed all together.  There is no better time than right now to rethink how YOU conduct your business. 

The average cost of having a secretary, or rather and administrative assistant, to be politically correct , is approximately $1,500.  This is PRIOR to payroll, unemployment taxes, health insurance, sick leave and vacation.  This is simply for the office space, phone, internet, supplies, furniture, computer software and all of the trappings that comes with having a body in that space.  Mind you, there are MANY instances that this is a good thing.  I have worked many years in executive positions and I know there is a definite need for that interaction.  However there is a greater benefit to outsource tasks.  When hiring a virtual assistant, you have so much more opportunity to capitalize on expertise, time and overall end products.  So let me again, ask you, how much is YOUR time worth?  What small thing can you delegate right here and right now?

Maybe you want to use this time to completely revamp the look of your business?  New print material? New social media information?  Change in audience?  These things are all things a virtual assistant can help you with. 

Really there is no limit to what solutions can be made between you and a virtual assistant.  So maybe you should consider it!